DWQA QuestionsDanh mục đơn: Ung thư# Squickly Cheats – How to hack unlimited Gems iOS Android No Root No Jailbreak
Tom Pures hỏi 9 tháng trước

About the Game:
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Squally – A PC Game to Teach Reverse-Engineering Fundamentals – Progress & Updates.

This is excellent, when and where will one be able to purchase? Report Save Follow. As he said in the video, it’s on Steam. Report Save Follow. you get a gold sta- I mean an orange arrow. thingie. Report Save Follow. For those who are interested in game hacking maybe check out pwn adventure 3. I know this isn’t what Squally is setting out to teach but this seems like a good place to mention it anyway. Basically it is a game that is intentionally vulnerable to some common hacks to help game developers know what to look out for. Also LiveOverflow (who is fucking awesome) has a youtube series going through the game.


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