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You could be someone who only does the player versus player content
How to earn Conquest points with the smallest amount of actual PVP possible. There are lots of reasons you might want to earn Conquest points in Battle for Azeroth . You could be someone who only does the player versus player content and that’s your way of earning gear.

You could be after some of the PVP color variations on the seasonal sets — I mean, who doesn’t like repping their faction while also wearing the shiniest new gear? Or you could just be trying to earn enough to get a weekly chest to unlock the Conflict and Strife Azerite Essence. But some people don’t really enjoy PVP. So how can you get Conflict and Strife — or more importantly, those cool transmogs — with doing as little PVP as possible? Here’s the bad news upfront. Almost all ways to earn Conquest require putting yourself in a situation where PVP could occur. I’ll be talking about ways to avoid it or minimize it, but you’ll have to be open to the possibility that you’ll run into the enemy faction. If you can find a group of people to play with, there’s always strength in numbers. You could consider playing as a Tank or Healer — you’ll kill things slower, but you’ll be a more annoying target for enemy players. I won’t ever try and mess with a Discipline Priest. More often than not they’ll run away — or fight you to a draw. Supplies for the war effort. Turning on War Mode gives you the easiest options for earning Conquest. To turn it on you’ll have to visit your capital city and click the toggle on your talents page. From there make sure that you’ve selected your PVP talents, they’re some really strong bonuses and can really help you clear content quickly. Now you’ll be able to earn Conquest from every PVP activity! Start by watching the skies. Supply Drops will start happening randomly in zones that you’re in. Keeping an ear out for the distinctive sound of engines going by overhead will alert you to the presence of one of the Gyrocopter that drop boxes full of presents for you. Checking your map will show you the flight path of the Gyrocopter as it flies across the zone, and somewhere along that path is a chest parachuting to the ground. The first player to reach the box — and complete a short channeling animation on it — will flag that chest for their faction. Anyone can click on it and get their share of the spoils. You’ll earn a rare quality PVP item, some Honor, some Gold, and 50 conquest points! Boxes will drop in any zone across Zuldazar or Kul Tiras, and even in Nazjatar. The Nazjatar supplies are even preceded by a message from your commander letting you know that one is on its way. You’ll only get Conquest from the first of these supply drops you get each day, so don’t worry too much about hunting multiple every day. It’s an invasion! The other benefit to being in War Mode is that now all of the Horde and Alliance invasions will award you Conquest for completing the quests that pop up. You’ll earn 10 points for the standard quests and 15 points for killing the two Elite targets. Netting you 60 conquest for very little work. It’s even possible that you won’t even see the other faction. Of course that all depends on the shard you find yourself on that day. I’ve seen giant raiding parties some days, and other days it feels very much like a ghost town. Keep your eye out for fancy chests too. Sometimes you’ll be able to find a secret supply chest just sitting on the ground. If you manage to find one in each invasion you’ll even get an achievement!


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