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About the Game:
Because in truth this game is not incredibly difficult after you understand the
Comprehensive Guide to Campus Dynasty (Part 1) I’m going to try to keep this as short and easy to follow as possible! Because in truth this game is not incredibly difficult after you understand the basics. In this guide you will learn the basics of recruiting, strategy, as well as general tips and tricks to become the best CD Coach you can be!

This guide will specifically be for players who will be starting off at small schools with low prestige, but #5 will be for after you’ve moved on from your starting school, or you have turned your starting school into a contender. (Feel free to ask questions in comments, I’d be happy to answer them!) Table of Contents. What to do when you’ve mastered basics. The first thing you want to do when you make a new save is to turn off automatic upgrades, this is very important and this will make the game take a little bit longer, but the benefits very much outweigh the costs. After you’ve done that, check on your starting roster, look for underclassmen with a high potential rating, don’t be afraid to start a 67 overall freshman with high potential over a 70 overall junior with low potential! Your first season will almost undoubtedly be a poor one, but fear not, you have a chance to fix your team during recruiting! Recruiting is one of the most difficult aspects of this game, but at the same time a very easy skill to master. Early on in you career, your recruiting skill, along with all of the other skills you can level up for your coach, will be at 70. It is very important that you focus on recruiting and development in your early years, since you won’t necessarily be contending in the first few seasons, it’s good to get your recruiting up while winning games isn’t as important. Once you’ve finished your season, look at your current roster. You want to have atleast 2 players in each position, so look for the positions that need someone to fill in an empty spot and prioritize that position. In the search filters tab, set minimum potential to anywhere from B- to A- (after you’ve upgraded your development more, potential will matter a little less). Apply enough points that you have a strong lead over second place, and depending on the number of scholarships you have and the number of positions you need to fill, adjust the amount of points given to a player. A good strategy is to pick 3 players you really want, and prioritize them, and than fill the rest of your remaining scholarships with players you’d like to have, but don’t NEED. For example, if you have 1 PG, 2 SG, 2 SF, 2 PF, and 2 C, and two scholarships, you should prioritize getting a new PG, then use remaining points to upgrade your worst backup. The first thing I want to say in this section is, stick to a single defense and a single offense. I know many people suggest switching based off of your team, but I truly believe it’s best to stick with one and build your team around that strategy, rather than build your strategy around your team. For example, if you use drive, prioritize getting a good playmaking point guard and upgrade him with playmaker primarily, and then upgrade him with floor general occasionally. Using your upgrades well is a big part of strategy, and I suggest you upgrade based off of your offensive and defensive schemes. One strategy I’ve found to be good is to upgrade all of your players with one goal in mind.


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